Empower Network is chopped full of information.  Within the back office is hours upon hours of the best marketing tips, strategies, and resources that you’ll ever find.  The products go beyond changing your online business, they actually change you as a person.  However, I have witnessed first hand the frustration  that a new person to Empower could experience when first getting started.

In this video I will explain to you what you need to do next, after joining Empower.  Take the information provided and apply it.


When learning something new, the quickest way to over come frustration is to take small steps. Our minds learn tid bits of information… repetitive information is key. Keep moving forward and developing good habits.

Getting started with Empower Network is the best decision anyone could make. Apply the KISS method to your learning experience. You’ll be fine. Remember you can always ask questions any time you need to, however, those questions will be greatly reduced if you start with the basics first.


Have you ever thought of quitting your job and trying something new?

Or perhaps you just wanna dabble in something new, get your toe wet.  Check out new things and explore your options.  That’s a great idea, I think.  Why not?  After all, you are just as deserving as anyone else.  While there are many choices to choose from, one I have found not too long ago has impacted my life in such a way I’ll never have a typical J.O.B again.

You probably have heard about network marketing? Many people consider network marketing as an option either for full time or part time enjoyment:) Though it’s not easy to decide on quitting your job especially if you don’t know what’s in store for you. However, if you are not happy anymore with the progress of your career, then maybe it’s worth taking the risk. After all, everything in this world is a risk. We take risk because we want something to happen in our life. If you don’t take risk then nothing things normally just stay as they are and you keep kicking the tire and thinking about the life style that you see others enjoy.

Network marketing is not just a hobby anymore. Many are making a living with network marketing, online marketing, MLM, and affiliate marketing. There are people who have very successful stories about network marketing and working from home that are earning very good income.  Income that most make per year and being made per month in this arena. On the other hand, other people are quitting network marketing just before they allow their businesses to taste success.

For every hundred reasons why you should not consider network marketing/working from home, there are thousands of reasons why you should consider it. The top reasons for considering network marketing/working from home are outlined below:

  1. You can be the designer/owner in your own simple way.
  2. Major tax exceptions.
  3. No supervising authority. You get to become your own boss. You are not bound to comply with time. You can work anytime and at your own convenience.
  4. Money independence
  5. Time independence

There are reasons on why network marketing is not just a trend but a widespread income generating machine. Ever since internet came to birth, a lot of people learn how to leverage  its power. Making money online has been made possible. You do not have to allow your regular job to take its toll on you. Now is the time to embrace change when it comes to career preference. You need not oblige yourself to look for the perfect job when you can experiment different skills at home. You don’t need to be in the corporate world to earn money. Whether we are working online or having a regular job, we experience challenges from time to time. It is up to us on how we embrace and accept them as it is. The choice is yours to decide whether a regular job fits you or joining network marketing works best!

Is there a difference in setting up goals and not setting up goals? What is in setting up goals that is not present in not setting up goals? It may sound confusing but indeed, there is a big difference in having goals and not having goals in life. You do not need to be an expert before you can tell the difference. In our own simple point of view, we can automatically identify the difference. Setting up goals sometimes is like a habit. And since it becomes a habit, we tend to make mistakes in realizing our goals. The main reason why it happened is because we did not apply the right attitude and we fail to set boundaries. People who keep on failing with their dreams will then start to ask the point of setting up goals when it seems not working. They began to consider things to happen without planning. Out of frustration, they wanted to see of not setting up goals will make life easy. They rely on sheer luck for every pursuit they want to embark on. To some, making a list for their new year’s resolution is pointless so why bother. On the other hand, people who are used to setting up goals and so far have proven its worth to their lives, continue to create visions of their future. For them, they will never go astray of they have a powerful motivation in everything they do.

We know that setting up goals in life is like our guide posts to follow.  Sometimes people measure their success in life with the way they set their goals. To those who are discouraged of goal setting because they did not get their expected results should understand the reasons on why they fail. It is not clear to them the difference of having and not having goals in life. Let us pause for a while and ponder on the following things on why goal setting to some is not effective.

  • Setting inappropriate goals! This is one common mistake most people commit when setting goals. One has to identify doable or realistic dreams from an illusion. There are things that are not realistic that exerting effort would be pointless.
  • Unbalance focusing. Sometimes we are too obsesses of realizing one dream that we forgot other aspects in life. For an instance, your goal last year is to increase your sales. You work on hard on it, spending more time in your work without realizing you still have other things to attend to like your family. In the end you still end up a failure.
  • Not setting up proper time frame! There are goals which are achievable in short span of time. Think about it.
  • Do not know how to accept failure!. Who says it’s fun when you fail? No one! But you have to consider failures as lessons for you to strive hard the next time. Do not linger on your failures, instead do something to make it succeed.
  • Following other people’s goal. It is your goal in life that you are setting. No matter how influential people can become in our lives, at the end of the day, the choice is ours to decide not them!

When ask about achieving goals, we normally answered setting up goals. It seems so easy for us to say setting up goals can make our dreams achievable. However, when we are in the process, why do we slip to another path? What seems to be the problem? The problem lies behind our visualization. We think we are on the right track if we have set up our goals in life. We forgot that to make things work, we do not just set goals, we have to do something with those goals to become successful. Big or small, we need to visualize our goals the right way! Everything should start with our attitude. The right attitude towards goal visualization will pave the way to a smooth journey. So how do we go abut visualizing our goals the right way? Here’s how?

  • Involve yourself in positive visualization. Our desire to succeed should start from no one but our self! The drive to make things done as planned should serve as our motivation. If there is a drawback or hesitation with your goals, you will never get best results as expected. Weaving dreams is the primary step in visualizing goals.
  • Make a wish list! It may look like a wish in the beginning, but once you start working on it, it will look more doable. By having a list for your goals, you will be able to identify your main focus.  Your list must be specific so that you will be able to set a time frame to make it realistic.
  • Consider the strengths and weaknesses! The journey to achieving goals is not done in an instant. In fact, your motivation will be tested so that you have to anticipate in advance all possible strengths and weaknesses once you achieve your goals. The success or failure of your goals can make or break other aspects of your life.
  • Apply the right attitude! Your goals will be nothing if you do not have the right attitude. A lot of people tend to sway their goals in the middle because they do not have the right attitude to pursue their dreams. One should inculcate within the attitude of being patient, and self –  consistent.

Every endeavor we take must have a well organized goals. Our journey does not end at setting up goals. We have to take action to make our goals possible. We should not only set mediocre goals, we should go for smart goals.

A lot of people know what time management is but why are they still procrastinating? They say if you have an ideal time management, things will fall into its places accordingly. But what if you will not be able to cope with time management? Is it really time that we need to manage or the activities that should fall to appropriate time? Maybe its time for us to ponder about time management and how we will be able to match it with the increasing demand of our activities. Why do we need to manage time when it is already given. Have it occurred to you that instead of managing our time, why don’t we manage our activities instead? Hmmm, sounds interesting, right? Well, if you have not figure it out, try to see things in your daily activities. From the time you wake up in the morning, you take a bath then have your breakfast. It depends on your routine. As you can see, time is as is. It never adjust to your itineraries. It is how we do things on a given period of time.

Busy people may feel that they are not only experiencing financial struggles, heart problems or career challenges. They too are experiencing time crisis. The more activities they are involved, the shorter time have. So how do you think they will be able to manage their activities? Let’s see some tips below.

  • A note to remember! It is easy to perform tasks if you have the list of activities you need to carry out. You can start your list from simple to complicated tasks. This means labeling your activities from your first priority down to the least priority.
  • One at a time! You can get quality results if you will learn how to perform tasks one at a time. This means balancing your energy for every work you need to accomplish. Unless you have the talent to multitask, consider doing things according to its importance. If you have a week limit for a particular job, then maybe you can do first other task that is due for today.
  • Know your most productive time! There are people who perform best at night or in the morning.
  • Adjust with time! Do not let time adjust with your work. The trick is to know how to play game with time. If you want you can compete with time to make it more challenging.
  • Take time to pause! We all deserve a break. People who are worn out with their job are those who did not care to pause once in a while.

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